Yesterday morning, our Business Development Manager, Blake Harvey, attended PSC’s conference on key law enforcement initiatives. At the event, there was an FBI Industry session. Blake picked up some pertinent information concerning FBI procurement, including updates on the upcoming IT Triple-S contract vehicle. See below for the highlights.

FBI is Headed To Huntsville

At least 3,000 FBI employees will be moving to Huntsville, AL, beginning with a large portion of their procurement shop. Did you know that Red Team has a Huntsville presence?

FBI IT Triple-S Contract Vehicle
  • The FBI IT Triple-S contract vehicle is now called ITECS.
  • Timeline: FBI procurement was very unwilling to provide any timeline, as they do not want to provide industry with any further false updates to the timeline.
  • On-Ramp/Off-Ramp: After ITECS is awarded, companies will have the ability to On-Ramp onto the vehicle. The FBI stated that that the On-Ramp will occur as needed to obtain new IT solutions that are a must have for the agency.
  • Industry Day: There will be another industry day for ITECS held in Clarksburg, WV. No timeline is set yet, but it will be invite-only to interested vendors who are pursuing the vehicle.
FBI SOAPS Contract Vehicle

The FBI SOAPS opportunity will not be LPTA.