The solicitation for the $2.5 Billion CMS PEO IDIQ has been released. Our Vice President, Jeff Shen, did a thorough read of the solicitation and pulled out some key highlights. Here is what he found:

  • While CMS has given over a month for the response timeframe, there is a significant amount of content, solution information, and pricing data to collect to address all of the requirements.
  • The IDIQ Technical Proposal consists of a Demonstrated Capability Narrative, Past Performance, Sample Task Order, Program Management, and Small Business Participation Plan (Large Business Only) response. Those factors are in descending order of importance.
  • Large businesses are required to respond to all four Performance Requirements. Small businesses are required to respond to at least two of the nine Performance Requirements. Small business offerors need to lock down teaming partners immediately to help you address any technical gaps that might exist.
  • For Past Performance, offerors must provide a minimum of four and a maximum of six relevant past performance. Significant Subcontractors may submit up to two relevant past performance.
  • The Sample Task Order is where CMS will evaluate your technical ability to meet the requirements of the Sample TO. Because offerors are required to determine the labor categories and FTEs, this is also where CMS will determine reasonableness and the realism of your proposed cost.
  • There are two awardable task orders for site verification services for the Eastern Region and Western Region. These are two entirely separate proposals with specific instructions and evaluation criteria.

Immediate action items include:

  • Lock up teaming partners immediately. Any delay in securing teaming partners will impact your ability to address the Capability Narrative, Past Performance, Sample Task Order, site verification task orders and the Business Proposals.
  • Identify the SMEs in your organization to begin solution sessions against the Sample Task Order and site verification task orders.
  • Get your cost and price team involved in the solution effort. Do not leave pricing to then end! There are numerous detailed pricing requirements, labor rate buildups, indirect cost rates, and subcontract pricing required.
  • Hire Red Team Consulting to support your proposal response!