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Buy-Side Advisory Services

Red Team provides comprehensive buy-side advisory services to help companies expand their presence in their federal market through acquisition. We work with our clients to develop an acquisition strategy that aligns with their goals and objectives – this involves:

  • Identifying potential targets that are complementary to the client’s existing business
  • Helping the client enter a new market
  • Diversifying the client’s capabilities
  • Providing other growth and expansion opportunities

Our approach entails identifying potential acquisition targets, conducting financial and operational due diligence, and supporting the negotiation terms of the transaction.

How Does Red Team’s Buy-Side M&A Advisory Work?

Red Team’s M&A advisory process starts with a consultation to grasp the client’s objectives and capabilities. We blend structured analysis with unstructured research. Structured analysis involves delving into federal contracting data to assess potential targets’ contract spend, agency experience, revenue, and capabilities. Unstructured research taps into our network, including government contractors, clients, and industry trends.

Once potential targets have been identified, Red Team will help our client narrow down an initial target list, evaluate the potential targets and determine whether they are well-aligned to our client’s needs of market diversification, capability expansion, or expanding their foothold in a particular market. This may involve conducting further research, due diligence, market analysis, and reviewing contractual and/or small business regulatory issues.

While the ultimate objective is for our client to complete the acquisition of a target company, the ideal outcome of Red Team’s Buy-Side Advisory Service is to get one or more Letter of Intents for our client. We may continue to review additional information to validate past performance, contract spend, capabilities, staff and leadership, contract novation ability, or other contractual aspects of the specific target. Red Team will collaborate closely with the client to determine or assess financial targets, multiples, or other key provisions that may impact the eventual sale price.

Buy-side advisory services

Why Hire Red Team as Your Buy-Side M&A Advisor?

The added value you’ll receive when hiring Red Team to support your buy-side M&A includes:

Red Team brings decades of federal contracting expertise helping our clients to grow and exit. We understand federal contracting strategies, procurement policies and regulations, and the growth and capture strategies needed to succeed in the federal government marketplace. This expertise is critical in helping guide our clients to make organic and inorganic growth decisions in order to scale their company.

Red Team brings tremendous knowledge and expertise with both buy-side and sell-side transactions to help companies identify inorganic growth opportunities. We’ve advised on buy-side strategies, contract purchase decisions, and supported our mid-tier clients through their eventual exit. Our federal contracting SMEs can provide valuable guidance and support to clients throughout the buy-side process.

Red Team has worked with thousands of companies in our 20+ year history. We understand the federal market and the industry landscape of small, mid-tier, and large businesses in their efforts to grow. In addition to our network, Red Team applies our comprehensive market research efforts to expand our client’s universe of potential acquisition targets and increase the likelihood of finding a suitable target.

Our federal procurement expertise, market intelligence, and growth experience gives Red Team a unique viewpoint on the realities of M&A. We regularly analyze and interpret contract valuations, small business regulations, and cultural alignment among federal contractors. Red Team applies our understanding of specific markets, contract vehicles, and client capabilities to help our clients negotiate favorable terms with their intended acquisition targets to maximize the value of the transaction.

Red Team Consulting Team Photos

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