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When it comes to planning for growth in the Federal market, Red Team knows the key is to plan from the top-down — developing an overall corporate strategy and comprehensive goals, then specifying top-level growth strategies for new markets, accounts, and opportunities. Our growth planning expertise integrates our knowledge of the ever-evolving landscape of federal budget, acquisition policy, and competition with our client’s capabilities, experience, and strategic goals. Having won billions of dollars in federal contracts informs our ability to help clients plan for their eventual success.

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Growth Strategy Services

Red Team works with companies to determine, refine, and document their corporate growth objectives over the next 3-5 years and establish an actionable path forward to meet those objectives. We provide advisory services in the form of facilitated growth strategy sessions and individual consulting to establish an overall framework that maps out short and long-term objectives and the strategies to achieve these goals.

Through Red Team’s extensive experience and industry knowledge, we can help our clients determine the most viable and accessible markets to enter. Our market assessments identify the highest growth potential for strategic planning based upon budgetary, technology, federal agency, and spending trends. We combine our independent research, discussions with subject matter experts, and client-provided data to produce a detailed report and action plan that assesses the direction and long-term growth potential in specific federal market spaces.

Based on our growth experience across major Federal and DoD market segments, we can develop an account strategy that best positions our clients for growth inside a specific federal agency. Though our industry expertise and analysis, we outline a specific approach to define the most relevant agency opportunity spaces that align to our client’s capabilities. We confirm agency priorities, trends (budgetary and strategic), decision makers, hot buttons, and challenges. We combine that data with information on likely competitors, potential teaming partners, high profile programs, and viable contract opportunity areas.

Building a qualified and vetted pipeline of potential opportunities is critical for a company’s growth. Red Team works with our clients to develop the most relevant pipeline that maps to our clients’ markets, accounts, capabilities, prior experience, and overall growth strategy. Our team uses online tools and contextual analysis to identify and pre-qualify the opportunities that comprise the pipeline. We leverage our government and industry expertise to find high probability-of-win opportunities, to ensure the pipeline contains a pragmatic representation of viable candidates.

While the federal contracting market is vast, most companies tend to consistently compete against a limited set of adversaries. We work with our clients to objectively identify the best positioned competitors. Next, we research those companies and build a knowledge base of competitive intelligence, threat assessments, competitive differentiators, and ghosting strategies. This targeted competitive intelligence informs our clients’ bid strategies and feeds individual opportunity capture plans.

Once our clients have developed a growth strategy, including market segmentation, account plans, and a viable pipeline, we develop organizational teaming strategies to maximize the company’s ability to meet its growth objectives. We identify strategic gaps in capability that may impede growth, then conduct research to identify potential strategic teaming targets. We advise our clients on teaming arrangements, including strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and asset acquisitions.

An essential component of growth strategy is the assessment of overall price competitiveness. We conduct a competitive rate analysis that provides the direct, indirect, wrap rate, fringe, G&A, overhead, and benefits, for each strategic competitor our clients identify. For each competitor, Red Team sources competitive information that includes recent federal prime contracts, GSA Schedule sales, revenue by IDIQs, revenue by NAICS, and Fringe/OH/G&A. We use this information to guide an internal assessment of our client’s indirect rate structure and provide guidance on strategies for adjusting that rate structure to be more competitive.

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Why Choose Red Team for Organic Growth Strategy?

When it comes to planning for growth, Red Team knows the key is to plan from the top-down—developing a corporate definition and comprehensive goals, then specifying top-level growth strategies. We have helped hundreds of companies grow from small businesses to $100M+ in the federal market. Further, we have helped well-established mid-tier firms expand their growth to beyond $250M+ and prepare for acquisition or merger. Our growth planning expertise will help companies plan, drive, and achieve their growth targets.

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What is Growth Strategy?

Red Team’s Growth Strategy practice area combines a deep, comprehensive understanding of the government contracting market with quantitative data-driven analyses to help companies achieve their objectives for growth.

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