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Capture is the strategy needed to win a single program or contract opportunity. Red Team’s capture approach focuses on the elements that improve the chances of winning, so our approach is dynamic and specific to the win criteria for that opportunity. Information we gather about the customer, opportunity, competition, and our client’s own capabilities may drive changes in strategy or alter a bid decision. We are intentionally flexible to change actions or pursue new paths based on the information we gather throughout the capture process.

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Capture Strategy Services

Capture starts with a clear understanding of the customer and the opportunity background. We conduct research to determine key influencers and decision makers within the customer organization, and to understand the history behind the upcoming procurement. We work to determine customer pain points and hot buttons as part of the effort to understand the need for the new acquisition and to inform solution development. This data will drive action items in a capture plan and continues throughout the capture lifecycle.
We provide advisory services to help our clients with call planning, marketing and communications, shaping the opportunity, and improving customer advocacy. Red Team uses customer and opportunity information to develop a customer call plan for our client to execute. We advise on messaging and techniques to guide the customer to develop a solicitation to which our client can respond successfully. We provide recommendations for our clients to vet their solution, recommend acquisition approaches, confirm key requirements, and build relationships with the customer.
Red Team helps companies maximize their evaluation score by highlighting significant strengths, discriminators, and relevant metrics that address customer pain points and will differentiate their proposal. We identify examples of success and proof statements that will instill confidence in the government evaluator. Our approach and results are not merely facilitation efforts – they have been verified by government evaluation teams as being effective in generating the content they are looking to evaluate.
Our detailed competitive assessment efforts yield the data needed to make meaningful decisions for a client’s capture strategy, teaming approach, proposal win themes, and price strategy. Red Team has a proven, effective, streamlined process for conducting effective competitive analyses. We focus on the most likely competitor strategies and advise on how to combat those strategies.
We know how to build a winning team. Our approach is centered on evaluating teaming partners in relation to how a client can maximize their score in the evaluation process and bring the most value to the contract and client post-award. Because of our extensive list of clients and partners, we can often identify teaming opportunities and other teaming partners that our current clients are not aware of.

We bring extensive price strategy experience through techniques to lower your overall bid price. We incorporate several metrics into our pricing analysis including a client’s vulnerability and tolerance for risk, and price modeling techniques such as game theory, reality modeling, and rate averages. This allows our clients to price more effectively for both IDIQs and single-award programs and for all contract types.

Red Team provides Price to Win (PTW) support to develop a detailed, results-based assessment of the price that your competitors are most likely to bid. Our support often reveals new opportunities on how our clients can provide a lower price, better value, or when there might be room to bid higher, thus not leaving “money on the table”. Red Team has the expertise to provide PTW in all of the commonly accepted approaches listed below:

  1. Competitive Determination
  2. Budget Analysis
  3. Top-Down Analysis
  4. Cost-Up Analysis
  5. Historical Trend Analysis
  6. Variable Baseline Manipulation
  7. Risk Assessment Analysis

Red Team can manage and oversee the capture of a specific pursuit by developing the capture plan, identifying a list of activities that need to be taken on to increase the probability of win, and then drive our client’s team to progress the capture of the opportunity. Our experienced capture managers oversee and track all action items related to all capture activities and oversee or participate in all meetings related to a single opportunity. Red Team can perform all capture activities with specialists performing each action or we can operate in a hybrid format where our clients perform some of the capture activities under the leadership and guidance of one of our experienced capture managers.

Our executive consultants can analyze and review a company’s overall Capture Process and Organization for strengths and weaknesses. We offer a detailed analysis of all aspects of process and personnel to provide recommendations for improvement.

Red Team offers the service to analyze a company’s core capabilities in relation to an anticipated RFP. We perform an analysis of the RFP’s anticipated evaluation criteria against a company’s core capabilities and strengths and provide a list of gaps and suggested actions to improve a company’s probability of winning.

Red Team follows an easy-to-integrate process to determine if pursuing an opportunity is worth the investment. Whether you have a long term strategic, must-win opportunity, or it’s a last minute bid and you’re on a time crunch, we customize our bid process methodology to tailor your needs. Our inputs and guidance have led clients to make strategic decisions to include pursuing opportunities when their likelihood of capture is high, and stepping away from opportunities where their win probability is low. We can integrate into our clients’ existing gate review process or we can advise our clients on an appropriate bid review and decision process where decisions are typically made on an ad hoc basis.

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Why Choose Red Team for Capture Strategy?

Red Team’s Capture Strategy consulting is embedded in our full lifecycle growth support. When we help a company capture a new opportunity, our actions are informed by the company’s growth strategy, and the capture plans we develop and execute are specifically targeted at preparing for a successful proposal phase. With Red Team, capture is not just a process—it’s the key to winning competitive business.

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What is Capture Management?

Capture Management is the qualification and strategy development phase for winning new government contracts. We lead this activity with a focus on maximizing the chances of winning competitive business. Red Team offers a wide array of capture services necessary to identify, qualify, develop, and win Federal, State, and Local Government opportunities.

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