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Cost & Pricing Analysis

Red Team provides customized cost and price consulting services, tailored to the requirements of the subject opportunity, competitive landscape, and our client’s cost infrastructure. Red Team’s expertise looks at both the internal and external factors related to pricing to ensure our clients that they will remain profitable while beating the competition.

Internal Factors
  • Indirect Rate Assessment
  • Probable Cost Analysis
  • Cost Modeling
  • Wrap Rate Analysis
External Factors
  • Price to Win
  • Competitive Rate Analysis
  • Price Strategy and Game Theory
  • Market Price Assessment

Cost & Pricing Analysis Services

  • Price to Win and Competitive Rate Analysis
  • Price and Reality Modeling
  • Price Strategy and Game Theory
  • Wrap Rate Analysis
  • Probable Cost Analysis
  • Indirect Rate Assessment
  • Price model Development

  • Price Volume Leadership

  • Cost/Price Volume Development
  • Cost/Price Realism and Reasonableness Analysis

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