Curious About GSA OASIS SB On-Ramp? Charlie Shafer Can Help

There are lots of questions surrounding the GSA OASIS SB Open Season On-Ramp. How many points do you need to consider bidding? How do you know if you’re compliant? If you’re asking yourself these questions, we’ve got the team to answer them. Meet Charlie Shafer, one of our all-star consultants who knows the ins and outs of GSA OASIS.

Charlie has a wealth of experience working on GSA point-system GWAC competitions. He’s been working on these unique procurements for almost five years. Charlie began with HCaTS, which was the first post-OASIS GSA RFP to use the point scoring system format reflected in OASIS, where he provided scoring and compliance analysis through multiple iterations. Charlie had four clients, and all received awards. He also had an Alliant 2 client who won a spot.

We consider Charlie a true proposal strategist. Whether performing as a capture or proposal manager, or even as a color reviewer and writer, Charlie is always thinking strategically. He brings a unique ability to hone in on the evaluation criteria and makes each proposal decision and recommendation – across any position – based on how it works within the intricacies of these criteria. It is a distinctive approach, and one that has garnered him our most sought-after consultant during his seven-year tenure with Red Team.

Areas of Expertise
  • Proposal Management
  • Proposal Writing
  • Capture Management
  • Volume Lead
  • Color Reviews
Two graphs displaying Charlie Shafer's experience with government proposals - Win Government Contracts
Key Accomplishments
  • Charlie knows proposals and knows how to win. With over a decade of experience in federal procurement, Charlie has served in every role involved in proposal management, and therefore has a complete understanding of the proposal process and development techniques at all levels.
  • Charlie has published numerous articles on federal contracting topics and has served as a speaker at large industry events, including Deltek’s Army ITES-3S Teaming Event with over 650 attendees.
  • Charlie has done in-depth scoring analysis and compliance reviews for OASIS. He developed an integrated compliance review/tracker system that allowed his clients to organize and track deficiencies.

To learn more about Charlie, including his advice on proposal management and how to write a winning proposal, check out his Consultant Spotlight.

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