Rachel Newman and Jeff Leitner Discuss Generational Communication in APMP-NCA Webinar

ASHBURN, Va., May 22, 2024 – Red Team Consulting (Red Team) is proud to announce that Rachel Newman and Jeff Leitner participated in an insightful webinar hosted by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals – National Capital Area (APMP-NCA). The webinar, held on May 21, focused on generational communication and how to effectively address the diverse communication styles of different age groups.

Mrs. Newman, who represented Gen Z, and Mr. Leitner representing the Baby Boomers, had amazing synergy as they emphasized the importance of embracing age differences as a valuable form of diversity in the workplace.

During the webinar, Mrs. Newman and Mr. Leitner shared key insights, including:

  1. Be Thoughtful About Communication: Acknowledge the different ways people communicate and strive to meet them where they are. This approach fosters better understanding and collaboration.
  2. Open Dialogue About Communication Challenges: Encourage open discussions with colleagues to appreciate and understand different communication styles. Mr. Leitner highlighted the importance of compassion, stating, “We should all strive to be compassionate about why people communicate the way they do. There is value in diversity.”

The discussion was moderated by Angela Marsh, Events Co-Chair at APMP-NCA, who facilitated a dynamic and engaging conversation.

“We are delighted to have Rachel and Jeff represent Red Team in such an important discussion,” said Jenny Frazier, Senior Director of Marketing & Corporate Culture at Red Team. “Their insights on generational communication are invaluable for fostering a more inclusive and effective workplace.”

For more information about Red Team and our involvement in professional development and industry events, please contact Jenny Frazier at jenny.frazier@redteamconsulting.com.

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Senior Director of Marketing & Corporate Culture

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