We are tracking two DoD and one DOJ contract, all three expected to be released this summer: Office of the Secretary of Defense Analytical and Technical Support Services (OSD ATSS), Professional Administration Logistics and Management Services Small Business (PALMS SB), and the EMERALD follow-on. Learn more about these opportunities in the descriptions below.

Government Contract #1: Office of the Secretary of Defense Analytical and Technical Support Services (OSD ATSS)

Program Snapshot
Agency: DoD
Expected Release Date: June 8, 2020 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: $1.5 Billion
Competition Type: SB Set-Aside | Full and Open | Unrestricted

Program Summary
The Department of Defense (DoD), Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), has a requirement for Analytic and Technical Support Services.

If awarded, the contractor shall provide professional and administrative contractor personnel support on matters relating to policy development, planning, resource management and program evaluation. The Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) includes the offices of top civilian defense decision-makers with regard to personnel, weapons acquisition, research, intelligence and fiscal policy, as well as offices the Secretary establishes to assist in carrying out assigned responsibilities. OSD oversees the Department of Defense (DoD) and acts as principal defense policy maker and adviser in charge of the Defense Department’s day-to-day business. The OSD primary responsibility is managing the defense budget and executing the Defense Secretary’s priorities.

Technical areas for Support Services

  • Strategic Planning Activities
  • Capability Assessment and Technical Evaluation
  • Project Integration and Execution Support
  • Science & Technology (S&T) Technical and Management Support
  • Financial Management
Government Contract #2: Professional Administration Logistics and Management Services Small Business (PALMS SB)

Program Snapshot
Agency: DOJ
Expected Release Date: June 2020 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: To Be Determined
Competition Type: SB Set-Aside

Program Summary
The US Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a continuing requirement for Professional, Administration, Logistics, and Management Services (PALMS) formerly known as Solutions for Administrative and Program Support (SOAPS).

The FBI intends the scope of PALMS SB to span many areas of expertise and include any and all components required to formulate a total solution to a professional services based requirement. The anticipated areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following categories.

  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Financial
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Transportation

Regardless of the particular area of expertise or mission space of the FBI entity originating the requirement, PALMS SB may be used to support and/or improve an organization’s Program Management, Management Consulting, Logistics, and/or Financial disciplines that span all life cycle phases for a total integrated solution.

Government Contract #3: EMERALD

Program Snapshot
Agency: DoD
Release Date: July 2020 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: $849 Million
Competition Type: Undetermined

Program Summary
The Department of Defense (DoD), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), has a requirement to provide support for the EMERALD Follow-On.

The current EMERALD Work Service Categories are as follows:

  • Lifecycle Acquisition Management Support Services – This WSC includes, but is not limited to, tasks associated with contracting activities; program office management; and all activities associated with planning and managing source selections; providing advice on the management, operations, and implementation of existing programs and contracts, and advisory support of new requirements.
  • Financial Management Support Services – This WSC includes, but is not limited to, all activities associated with the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPB&E) cycle as well as guidance of the financial activities for the agency.
  • Strategic Business Management Support Services – This WSC includes, but is not limited to activities associated with the strategic business operations for the agency.

The prime contractor must be capable of managing, directing, and controlling the contractor team. The prime will be responsible for the planning, organization, and control of resources to successfully deliver all requested services, complete all tasks, and meet all the objectives of the Ordering document (i.e. Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Objective (SOO), and Performance Work Statement (PWS)). This includes risk management and mitigation; cost control management and reporting; contractor resource scheduling; close coordination with the Contracting.

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