We are tracking three government contracts expected to drop in the next few months: Digital Services Multiple Award IDIQ, Infrastructure Development and Sustainment (IDS2), and Cyber Information Technology Services. Learn more about these opportunities in the descriptions below.

Government Contract #1: Digital Services Multiple Award IDIQ

Program Snapshot:
Agency: Veterans Affairs
Release Date: November 2019 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: To Be Determined
Competition Type: SDVOSB

Program Summary:
The Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Technology Acquisition Center (TAC), has a requirement for Digital Services Multiple Award IDIQ Acquisition Support.

The DS IDIQ acquisition will be a VA-wide vehicle providing VA offices and components with commercial, streamlined agile delivery services and teams.

  • The contractor(s) shall provide VA with teams that shall deliver viable, digital solutions in support of VA’s strategic mission and objectives.
  • The specific nature of the capabilities required for each team will be articulated at the call order level, however, it is expected that a typical agile delivery team requested under the DS will require the contractor to provide multi-disciplinary teams with members having expertise in product management, agile software development, user research, UX strategy, UI and visual design, and development and operations (DevOps).
  • The contractor’s support and solutions shall follow the practices described in the Digital Services Playbook (https://playbook.cio.gov). The contractor shall be familiar with the concepts in each play and implement them in its approaches and support. The contractor shall design, develop, configure, customize and deploy solutions to some of VA’s most pressing challenges. Once deployed, the contractor shall provide production support of the solution as required. The contractor shall deliver modern digital services that use DevOps techniques that embrace continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • The contractor shall deliver secure and tested modern mobile and web application designs using automated testing frameworks.
  • The contractor shall provide support to projects that are building brand new systems as well as projects that are building on top of or replacing existing systems.
  • The contractor shall be familiar with current and emerging technologies, COTS products, services, programming languages and processes required to deliver high-quality products.
Defense Intelligence Agency
Government Contract #2: Infrastructure Development and Sustainment (IDS2)

Program Snapshot:
Agency: DIA
Expected Release Date: November 2019 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: $3 Billion
Competition Type: Undetermined

Program Summary:
The Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), has a requirement for Infrastructure Development & Sustainment Support (IDS2).


  • Provide improving integration, information sharing, and information safeguarding through the use of a streamlined information technology (IT) approach. Common architecture, consolidated operations, and cloud environments are expected. The focus will be toward managed services versus staff augmentation.
  • Provide strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services, to facilitate the modernization of Infrastructure.
  • Provide a full range of integrated strategic, analytic, and technical support services that DIA may need in order to design and implement optimal Infrastructure initiatives and ensure progress toward meeting requirements and goals.
  • Effectively manage and transform these technical services and functions to deliver IT strategic advantage and best-value to the Government. These services include, but are not limited to, support for infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, software as a service, utility cloud offerings and data cloud management.
Government Contract #3: Cyber Information Technology Services

Program Snapshot:
Agency: Navy
Expected Release Date: January 2020 (Deltek Estimate)
Value: $709 Million
Competition Type: Undetermined

Program Summary:
The Naval Supply Systems Command, FISC Norfolk has a continuing requirement for cyber information technology technical, training and analytical support to Naval Information Forces and its subordinate commands.

The required support is in the area of Information Technology (IT) professional services. This PWS provides for services requirements that include both short term and annual support. Specific support services and tasks will be provided in detail at the task order level; however, the required IT support will be in the following mission areas:

  • System Administration (SA)
  • Network Administration (NA)
  • Host Based Security System Administration (HBSS)
  • Assured Compliance Assessment Solution Administration (ACAS)
  • Information Assurance Controls Verification (IAC)
  • Information Assurance Validation (IAV)
  • Technical Writing Services (TW)
  • Information High-Performance Computing Modernization & Integration Support
  • Strategic Communications Support
  • Network Environment Modernization & Mission Support
  • Information Operations (IO)
  • Mission, Functions & Tasks Support (MFT)
  • Navy Information Operations Database (NIODB)/Mission Data Load (MDL) Production Management
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Training & Curriculum Development Support
  • Program Management and Project Management Support (PM)
  • Development of TTP/SOP Artifacts (TS)
  • System Patch Administration Support
  • Security Technical Information Guidance Controls Support (ST)
  • Development of CONOPS
  • Cross Domain Management
  • Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) Sustainment
  • Ashore Modeling Implementation/Sustainment Support
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System – Strategic (DRRS-S)
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System – Navy (DRRS-N)
  • Navy Training Information Management System (NTIMS)
  • The Navy Mission Essential Task (NMET) development process
  • Navy Readiness Reporting Enterprise (NRRE) Policies
  • HTML/ASP Web Developments, Adobe Flash Development, Instructional Design and MS Office Applications
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