Red Team Consulting Philosophy2018-02-13T01:52:29+00:00

In order to achieve true success, we operate under several basic tenets. These principles are reflected in every engagement we have with our clients, and they also flow through to how we treat our employees, consultants, and partners.


When you work with Red Team, you gain a strong, capable ally in your business endeavors. We become an extension of your own staff, and operate with the same goals and mission as you do. Our most successful relationships are those where this partnership is fostered on both sides. When you work for Red Team, you can be confident that we care about you and your life outside of Red Team. Maintaining a work/personal life balance is critical, and we help you achieve this.


Simply put, we do the right thing. We honor our agreements, we do not break confidences, and we protect intellectual property and business strategies. We also provide honest feedback; if we don’t feel that your company should pursue an opportunity, we will let you know. Finally, we operate in a realm of numerous rules and regulations; we commit to following them, and we do our best to ensure that our clients do the same.


In every engagement, we strive to make sure that when the project ends, our clients are better equipped with skills and tools for the next opportunity. We want our clients to learn processes and techniques that will result in better proposals down the road. The same holds true for our staff. We provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow throughout their career.


We strive to be the preeminent provider of federal procurement related consulting services. To do this, we commit to excellence in the services we offer, we commit to making your opportunity as important to us as it is to you, we commit to hiring the best and brightest employees and consultants, and we commit to ensuring that our clients enjoy working with Red Team.