Proposal management is the most critical function in any proposal development effort. Our proposal managers operate in a leadership role and are responsible for architecting and engineering compliant, compelling, competitive, and winning proposals. Our proposal managers will lead the day-to-day operations, including overseeing all deadlines and deliverables, and managing all staff contributing to the proposal.

In support of the proposal manager, Red Team proposal coordinators have a critical job in coordinating various aspects of the proposal development process. Our proposal coordinators will assist the proposal manager by coordinating data call information with subcontractors, working with individual content contributors to make sure deadlines are met, and collecting and compiling color review feedback. They also help manage the content on your online proposal development environment and support the proposal manager with proposal process administration tasks.

Proposal writing is one of the more difficult aspects of proposal development, given detailed and complex technical requirements and comprehensive management methodologies. We provide both technical proposal writing and non-technical proposal writing. Our technical proposal writers can interview subject matter experts to extrapolate the content necessary to address highly complex requirements. Our non-technical proposal writers can develop new content with input, or work with existing content to address management and past performance volumes with ease.

Our proposal editors understand the stylistic approach that is critical when responding to the requirements of a government RFP. We provide both technical proposal editors and non-technical proposal editors. Our technical proposal editors bring expertise in certain subject matters and can make real-time edits that directly correlate to the management, technical, or past performance proposal sections. Our non-technical proposal editors focus on grammar, organization, and content structure. Our editors always consider any language standards your company uses for each proposal.

Red Team’s proposal graphic designers focus on developing high-end graphics that clearly convey proposal subject matter. We make sure that proposal graphics are tied closely to the messaging, theme, and approach for specific proposal sections. Our designers collaborate with you to ensure all graphics meet the RFP’s requirements and ease the evaluation of a particular requirement.

Our proposal pricing consultants can lead the development of a proposal’s pricing strategy and can develop complex pricing models to meet the requirements. In addition to Red Team’s cost and price strategy experience, we also provide price volume management and development. Red Team’s pricing managers have worked on pricing volumes for numerous industries, and on some of the largest price volumes with lengthy and complex spreadsheets. Red Team can support your team with price volume management, writing in-depth pricing narrative or cost justification information, interfacing with subcontractors to get pricing data, and/or building large spreadsheets of cost and price information.

Red Team desktop publishers will collaborate with you to make sure that details such as font size, margin spacing, page numbering, dates, tables, charts, and graphics are aligned to the government RFP instructions. Our desktop publishing experts can work with your existing style guide or develop a new style guide that conforms to the RFP’s requirements. They can lead the development of templates at the start, then clean up and finalize the formatting of all proposal documents before proposal reviews and before final production.

Whether the RFP calls for email delivery of proposals, shipping of proposals to remote locations, or hand delivering proposals to federal government facilities, we can do it. Our production efforts include preparing all documents and volumes for printing, and/or conversion to PDF or password protected files to ensure they are tamper-proof. Red Team will either use our facility or a partner production firm to print all of the pages necessary for hand-delivery proposals. After printing volumes, Red Team proposal staff will “white-glove” each proposal page to ensure the print job was accurate. For email delivery of proposals, Red Team production staff will ensure that all volumes are prepared in accordance to the RFP’s instructions and emailed to the appropriate point of contact prior to the due date.

Why Choose Red Team?

Red Team takes great pride in the quality of our proposal resources that we offer our clients. Our proposal consultants are an extension of the Red Team family, and we entrust them to treat our clients the same way we treat our staff – with respect, integrity, and trust. Whether our clients require proposal managers, technical writers, solution architects, orals coaches, or graphics artists, we make sure to confirm the resources that will be the best match not only for the RFP you are pursuing, but also the best match for your company’s corporate culture, working environment, and needs.

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