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When it comes to planning for growth, Red Team knows how to set our clients up for success. We have helped hundreds of companies grow from very small businesses to well over $100M+ in the federal market. Further, we have helped well-established mid-tier expand their growth well beyond $100M and prepare for acquisition or merger. Our growth planning expertise will help you plan for and achieve your growth targets.

Our team will work with you to document your corporate growth objectives over the next one to three years and establish a path forward to executing those goals. During the session, the facilitator will discuss how to establish an overall framework that maps out your short and long-term objectives and how you will be able to achieve these goals.

Through Red Team’s extensive experience and industry knowledge, we can help you determine the most viable and accessible markets to enter. Our market assessments will identify the highest growth potential for long-term planning based upon budgetary, technology, federal agency, and policy trends. Utilizing data provided combined with our own independent research, we will provide you a detailed report that assesses the direction and long-term growth potential in several markets. This will include customer budgets, federal market trends, opportunities that exist in the marketplace, and ultimately how well your company is positioned for growth.

Based on our growth experience across almost every federal agency, we can develop an account strategy that best positions you for growth inside a specific federal agency. Through our industry expertise and analysis, we will outline a specific approach to win business inside that agency. We will confirm agency priorities, trends (budgetary and strategic), decision makers, hot buttons, and challenges. We will combine that data with identifying potential teaming partners, high-profile programs, and the most likely competitors to be aware of when building this specific account strategy.

Building a qualified and vetted pipeline is critical for any company’s growth. Red Team will work with you to develop the most relevant pipeline that maps to your company’s markets, accounts, capabilities, prior experience, and overall growth strategy. Our team will use a variety of online tools and analysis to identify and qualify these opportunities. Our differentiator is not finding opportunities that no one else is aware of – our secret sauce is leveraging our government and industry expertise to find the highest probability of win opportunities for our clients.

Capture Strategy Services

In order to win any federal contract, companies must understand the process and strategy to position themselves for a specific program. This involves understanding all aspects of the contract including decision makers, incumbents, competitors, teams, key personnel, winning solutions, win strategies, and the Price to Win. Red Team helps to initially analyze these details through a capture analysis to identify gaps, weaknesses, and what to prioritize from a capture perspective. From there, Red Team will map out the specific strategies to win the contract and will help plan each particular step of the capture process.

Red Team can help generate or refine win strategies that will garner strengths and differentiators in your overall approach. We will conduct strategy sessions to identify strengths, discriminators, and proof points against the evaluation criteria. Our capture experts will help you develop win themes, or if you already have established win themes, help you review these win themes to improve the likelihood of evaluating more favorably during the government’s evaluation and source selection process.

We have won significant single-award programs for our clients when they have engaged Red Team for competitive analysis work. Our detailed efforts yield the data needed to make meaningful decisions for a client’s capture strategy, teaming strategy, or price strategy. Additionally, our work has allowed our clients to better positions themselves for a specific contract and better equipped to overcome a competitor’s strengths. Red Team has a proven, effective, streamlined process for conducting effective competitive analysis. We have spent over 10 years perfecting this process and are confident that the results yield meaningful information and strategies that support our clients’ efforts.

Red Team provides a host of services when clients need help with call planning, marketing and communications, shaping the opportunity, and improving customer advocacy. Red Team focuses on eliciting feedback and fostering interaction that will support your bid and your strategy. Some key areas that our support to achieve include:

  • Build relationships with the customer
  • Confirm the actual decision makers
  • Present and validate your solution
  • Recommend acquisition approaches (instructions and evaluation criteria)
  • Confirm key requirements
  • Identify requirement gaps
  • Gather competitive intelligence

Red Team has helped our clients build winning teams. Our approach is centered on evaluating teaming partners in relation to how a client can 1) maximize its score in the evaluation process and 2) bring the most value to the contract and client post-award. Because of our extensive list of clients and partners, we can often identify both teaming opportunities and other teaming partners that our current clients are not aware of.

Pursuit decisions are expensive and challenging. Whether you are pursuing an opportunity that is over a year away, or the RFP was just released, we will qualify the opportunity and determine the cost to win in relation to the opportunity’s anticipated value to your company. Based on your timeline, we will help you determine if the bid is worth pursuing.

Why Choose Red Team?

We are in the market to help our clients make smarter decisions on contract pursuits and growth opportunities. Our business development and capture strategy expertise are not just based on processes and theories. Our business development and capture resources are expert practitioners in the market who have won billions for prior companies or for our clients. We study the federal market constantly (every day!) to understand the changes in regulations, budgets, and policies and share that with our client base. We maintain relationships in numerous agencies from program teams to contracting and procurement teams – this allows us to stay on top of opportunity updates and acquisition strategies well before you may read about them online. Our business development and capture expertise is proven and has led to billions in wins.

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